Amit Kumar, 37 months ago
Not only got the very best expertise in trauma related modalities esp EMDR but the level of empathy, ability to quickly get to the core issues, tremendous patience. All this based on my personal healing experience makes her truly a world class professional in her field and hard to find equivalent level of care even at much advanced countries. Highly recommended for past or present victims of severe traumas for the very best care and support solid healing.

Kalpana Dubey, 43 months ago
Stella had counseled me few months back, she listened to me effectively and understood things from my point of view. She focused on what was important to me and accepted what I said without judging me. She fostered a safe and trusting environment. During the course of my counseling I learned various techniques to deal with the issues which was necessary and let go of what was not. She challenged me when if that was appropriate and she began and finished our sessions on time. I recommend her and I would certainly go to her again and may well do so in the future.

Arunima Jamwal, 48 months ago
Stella is not only an excellent therapist, but also an immensely loving and caring person. I knew I wanted her to be my therapist within 20 minutes of talking to her. She makes everyone feel comfortable. She is completely nonjudgmental, which is essential for a therapist but is not always the case. She understands the effort it takes for a person to share their story. She also has the cutest cat, so that`s a huge bonus. On a serious note, I would definitely recommend Stella to everyone whose fighting some problems. She also has clients via Skype, so you don`t have to live in Pune to seek her help. I am glad I found her

Riya, 55 months ago
Stella`s counseling has been extremely useful in my personal life. Her counseling has not only helped me understand myself and become a much more confident person but also in resolving issues pertaining to all aspects in my life by learning to love myself. Thanks Stella :)!

Bela Tan, 56 months ago
Stella is an excellent counselor! She listens, understands, makes us feel comfortable and she is never judgmental. She also believes in the person. I`ve been healed in so many areas and I feel stronger now. I`m forever grateful to God for her life. Thank you so much, Stella!

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