Nayan, 61 months ago
Stella Ma'am helped me in many many ways. I was in some turmoil mentally over the changing equations in my family, ever since my mom died and my dad re-married. It was disconcerting to see the change in my dad's behavior according to the changes taking place in his personal life and the way in which it was adversely affecting my brother and I. Stella Ma'am helped me heal, with a LOT of love, understanding and many many kind words. She helped me boost my self esteem, somewhat move on with my life, let go of some of the anger against my father and help my younger brother along the way. Also while sympathizing with me and seeing my point of view, she also in some cases made me see my dad's point of view too in a gentle way, which was refreshing. It helped me understand him a little better - maybe even begin to forgive him. I can never thank Stella Ma'am enough for being there for me and the best part is she continues to be there for me even though we are based in different cities now. Even though we did not have too many counselling sessions together, owing to the fact, I decided to leave the city, she had a plan to help me through counselling and then through EMDR she planned to help me slowly overcome my mother's untimely death and the dominoe effect it created. I can never thank her enough. Had I had more sessions with her, maybe she would have helped me understand that a little better. I do plan to go back to her when i am in the city as talking to her has been a very pleasant experience. Thank you Stella!

Roma Vaswani, 62 months ago
I went to Stella when I was going through real hard time in my relationship. Everything seemed messed up with no hopes and I was almost in depression. Stella worked hard on me and helped me to handle my relationship in a better way. Stella is a very good listener, very patient in dealing with her clients. She gives you that comfort where you can open up your mind completely. She has helped me to overcome my problems where today I am not in depression, I know what went wrong at my end and the other. Going to Stella is one of my best decisions of life, she has changed me, my attitude and I have become a better person today! Thanks a lot and God bless her!

Manya, 74 months ago
I was so distorted, disturbed and depressed when I went to Stella. I had lost complete control of my life. My husband had been thinking of getting separated, I was stuck on my ex bf, I was still mourning about my mom`s death and then I hated my boss and my job. I thought the world was conspiring against me and was ready to break me into pieces. Then I met Stella. sShe had been a miracle and was a miracle in my life! She has not only been able to help me get out of my "phase" but also helped me discover a new beautiful version of me, she made me aware and help me understand myself which I haven`t been able to do until recently. We started EMDR and with that I had not only been able to get out of the trauma of my mom`s demise, she also helped me put my life back on track. I fixed all the mental blockage and problems I had, ditched thinking about my ex bf and was ready to begin a new chapter called being married in my life. Now, its been 1 and a half years of arrange marriage and I truly love, cherish and adore my husband. All thanks to Stella. She was an angel, a guardian, a pathfinder and above all my inspiration to understand myself. I wouldn`t have been in a better place had it not been Stella.

Mrs. S.D, 77 months ago
When I first met Stella, I was a wreck. All over the place. People would walk all over me because I had lost self esteem , self respect, I could not connect to anything. Stella guided me through a very warm and friendly process to help me find the real me. I saw changes happen over time, and its then that the words Stella spoke came rushing back to my mind. All that she had said was happening. I felt relieved after meeting her, that I had spoken to someone who has professional knowledge on behavior rather than talk to friends or family who guide from the biases of the life they have lived. I even went to astrologers but my thinking requires logical explanations and divine intervention was not convincing. I needed to talk to someone who could give me logical explanations. She is a friend for life. Its about 3 years now that I initially started visiting her. A lot of me has healed, and we are still in touch, she shows keen interest on being posted about every development in my life. I am a happier person today, doing much much better emotionally, spiritually and financially, all thanks to Stella.

Ankur Gakkhar, 79 months ago
Provide a caring and supportive environment to help you. Problem listened carefully. Good Suggestions given.

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