Stella Bhagwat, Counsellor

Living the role of a pastor's wife since early 80's brought me face to face with many looking to me for help in their personal lives. Even though I had the heart to help, I realised the need to acquire academic qualification and knowledge as well as some structured skills to learn how the human mind functions, why people do what they do, what causes wounds in the person, how can this be healed etc.

Thus began my journey to study and train in the field of mental health. I do believe each of us has, within ourselves, the ability to heal.However, there are times these abilities are buried under a lot of pain and wounding. Hope Counselling Clinic helps you uncover / reach / discover your own potential to heal.

Having been on a healing journey myself, I am very familiar with pain and it helps me stay sensitive to that of others' and I consider it a privilege to be a part of the healing process in all those who walk into the clinic.

My approach is very intentionally "Person Centred", which means techniques and therapies are mixed and matched to suit the individual's specific needs. This approach is also sensitive to the personality of an individual and at no point are you pushed to go where you are not ready/willing to go.

I aim to keep pace with the person rather than run ahead or hurry them along.

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