David, 4 months ago
I visited Stella first on January 2018 after not getting proper results from a previous counselor. After these months i will say i could not have found a better person to share my troubles with. She is warm hearted, non judgemental, very patient in hearing your troubles. Her love for God and her devotion towards him is something that touched my heart. Her specialization in EMDR helped me a lot. She found out my source of problems from early childhood and helped me resolve the issue. I will highly recommend any lost soul who wants to come back on the right track to go to Stella. You can heal and with Stellas help you can make it happen.

Rohini, 8 months ago
Stella is a brilliant counselor. In my first session with her, I told her my concerns randomly. I was not able to put them in sync or chronological order. She listened to me with a lot of patience. She picked the key words from everything that I told her and planned my sessions in a systematic way. She discussed my concerns in detail. She went to the root cause of my concerns and analyzed them very well. She helped me getting rid off of my bad memories. She helped me in getting back my confidence and strength to deal with difficult situations. Her EMDR therapy is very effective. I did not have any idea that a small device, used in the EMDR therapy, can be so effective. One has to hold the device in hands and once it is switched on it starts vibrating. I realized, the vibration used to activate my entire body from top to bottom. The vibration enabled me to go to the most hidden memories and run an entire incident as a movie in my mind. This helped me in describing my problems in detail to Stella. Using the EMDR therapy, Stella helped me with flushing my bad memories and healing the scars in my mind. She made me realize about my strengths and weaknesses and then improved my confidence and gave suggestions to deal with certain situations in my life. I truly recommend Stella, she is very good at heart, she has positive vibes, she has attention to detail, she is a very good listener and her analysis is brilliant.

Anonymous, 10 months ago
I would like to thank Stella for all these months she has worked on me. The positivity she has given me has got me to this stage where I am confident about myself. I am truly grateful for the time she has invested in me. When she mentioned Emdr, I was a little apprehensive about it but I understood how effective it was right from the first session of it. It helped me deal with my anxiety better, irrespective of fact that my sessions are over. I will try my best to keep in touch with her always. She is a gem of a person and an excellent counselor. Thanks a lot Stella.

Sydney, 12 months ago
Stella was very honest with me and put into words what I was feeling and why. She made me more understanding of trauma and speedily led me through flushing it out and accepting myself. Within a few sessions I progressed from weighed down with anxiety to feeling light and bright. While she guided the process, it felt individual. I highly recommend her emdr therapy

Manali Sawardekar, 18 months ago
Stella has helped me to gain confidence and bring positivity in me and also it has helped me develop better. Also the exercises have been a great help to me So I would like to thank stella to help me in my overall development.

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