Mohammad Poonawala, 20 months ago
Thank you for your superb support and help. Very precise problem directions & simple solutions offered works wonderfully.

RICHA PUI, 22 months ago
I would like to thank Stella for all these months she has worked on me. The positivity she has given me has got me to this stage where I am confident about myself. I am truly grateful for the time she has invested in me. When she mentioned Emdr, I was a little apprehensive about it but I understood how effective it was right from the first session of it. It helped me deal with my anxiety better, irrespective of fact that my sessions are over. I will try my best to keep in touch with her always. She is a gem of a person and an excellent counselor. Thanks a lot Stella.

Farah, 24 months ago
All I can say about Stella is that she is just Superb. There was a point in my life where I did not know what was happening to me. I had anxiety n depression,and I just couldn't figure out from where it was all coming.I just couldn't find out what was triggering my problem. That''s when I decided to take help of a counselor. And I think I got the best one. With the help of Stella slowly n gradually I started regaining my lost confidence n self esteem.i was getting back to my true self. I learnt more about myself n started my healing process. Stella has immense faith in God and she always prays for her all the people who come for help to her. She is an excellent therapist and an even more loving n caring person. Thank you so much Stella.

Aarati, 30 months ago
I didn't even know the name of the Clinic. Stella Bhagwat the name is just sufficient for me. My friend has pushed me and took to her literally physically. My friend told me to have just one session with Stella and then asked to take a decision to continue with her or not. The first session was a roller coaster ride for me. With a tremendous patience she has listened to me The facts which she told me afterwards were amazing. I couldn't believe few things in the first session but as we went ahead, with each session it was a great realization of why each and everything happened with me. She has given me back my lost confidence, positivity and self respect. Sometimes she has given me a motherly love and a very much needed hug. She is a very warm and caring person. With all the sessions I attended I came to know my weakness and my strength. She has resolved all my issues and I am the old one of myself, got back on track and became extremely positive And our association is continued. Even today if I get a situation where I need help, I contact her and she quickly replies me. I wish all the best to Stella and grateful to have her in my life. If you are stuck in a situation and don't know how to come out then Stella is an answer for that.

Hamza, 35 months ago
Hope Counseling Clinic, which is run by Stella Bhagwat, not only provides one with HOPE, but also BELIEVE, FAITH AND TRUST in the process of Life. Stella has excellent listening skills, moreover she listens with absolute compassion, empathy and kindness. Her approach to psychotherapy is not only based on the different psychology theories, but there are strong aspects of humility and patient understanding, making her psychotherapeutic skills very effective. Stella has an excellent ability of analysis of ones problems, and she takes keen interest in understanding ones childhood and adolescence, helping you to clearly and absolutely clear all your past pains, which are directly proportional to ones present and hence future. EMDR is a highly effective tool, not only to quickly, but also completely and clearly release, cleanse and heal your past pains and traumas. Stella is brilliant at the therapy which she practices, which is EMDR and I could give her 10 stars out of 5, if I could. The freedom and liberation that I experience from chronic anxiety within 6 months of continuous therapy, has enabled me to live an enriching and very fulfilling LIFE. I am so, so, so grateful to Stella, perhaps words are not enough. I strongly and highly recommend Stella for her expertise in EMDR. She is fabulous, brilliant and extremely efficient. I miss her sessions, not the anxiety !

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