Ankur Gakkhar, 88 months ago
Provide a caring and supportive environment to help you. Problem listened carefully. Good Suggestions given.

Akanksha, 89 months ago
Stella is very good counselor .She is very good in her approach . After meeting her the I have seen changes in my behavior and also in my Husband`s behavior. Initially we used to ignore our problems and used to end up fighting. But after Stella`s sessions there were lot of changes. I would recommend her.If you are looking forward for a happy married life. I won`t say she will solve your all problems but She will tell you the ways how to solve and address your own problem.

Sakshi Bharadwaj, 89 months ago
Stella has been my therapist and counselor for some time now. Being treated by her was a very insightful experience and accelerated the process of self-analysis and self development. Her therapy helped me to identify common themes & patterns in my thoughts and choices. Stella is a highly skilled counselor and very passionate about her work. Her approach is methodical and thorough and she is an excellent listener. She feels a deep commitment to people in her care. Apart from her professional abilities, she has two qualities which are intrinsic, and critical to this profession and cannot be taught by anyone----love and compassion. Stella has the ability of making a distressed person feel relaxed by not judging anyone. I am really happy I met her!

Seema, 90 months ago
Being a therapist myself, I understand the therapeutic process and found Stella to be an awesome therapist. She has an incredible sense of warmth and genuineness that built an enormous amount of trust and respect for her. It helped me to go to the depths of how I felt and to rediscover my strengths.A total absence of judgment. At no point, did I feel judged in any way for the views, stance, decisions taken. I think that`s incredible. She took in everything and included it even when it wasn`t quite `matching` with probably what she had in mind. Although she allowed for everything, she was very clearly facilitating and guiding the process and this built a sense of `she knows what she is doing`. Her loving presence and therapeutic skills truly makes her one of a kind. She so deftly used the EMDR protocol and went with wherever I was and let it evolve. It was a gentle and skillful use of EMDR. Placing her good intentions for the client at the start of the session in prayer made God`s presence very real and meaningful.

Maggie Ting, 93 months ago
If you are looking for a person to solve all your problems, please don`t call her. But if you are looking for a person who is willing to help you see your problems from a different perspective please do not hesitate any longer. I was glad that she became my helper when I needed one.

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