Desiree Seponski, 95 months ago
Therapy with Stella has been a life-changing experience. As a therapist myself, I am picky about the professionals I choose in my own life and cautious about their credentials and ability. Stella far exceeded my expectations. She was not only professional and exceptionally competent, but she was culturally responsive to my religious and family values. From early on, she was warm and encouraging while she learned about my situation and life. Then, she was encouraging and supportive while I was working on implementing the life changes. She used EMDR, which was AMAZING, and integrated some art work--usually art is not my thing, but I now find myself looking at the stuff I did in session and feeling relief. My husband has noticed the changes, and is thankful for the positive differences in me and our marriage. It has even motivated him to make some positive changes within himself, which further helps me and our family. Stella recommended many books that were perfect for my husband and me. Now, even my brother and sister are reading them!!!! I am fortunate to have met and undergo therapy with Stella.

Renuka Ramji, 96 months ago
I was very apprehensive and skeptical of therapy and counsellors in general. I tried a counsellor/hypnotherapist for my problems for two weeks only to find myself running away from it all. Then when a colleague recommended Stella, I decided I would seek her help. I went to meet Stella, expecting a similar experience as with my previous counsellor. Instead I was delighted to meet a very compassionate and encouraging person. I felt welcomed and at ease almost at once. I found myself talking my heart out in first session. She is an attentive listener. She was quick to analyse the situation and suggested that I try EMDR. My EMDR sessions were awesome. As my sessions progressed she asked me many questions and guided me through them. At the end of each session, I found that I learnt a bit more about myself or saw a side that I didn't know existed. I was eager to tackle my issues. Since I was pressed for time she decided to target core issues and work on them. She counselled me for a month. I adapt the methods learnt during the EMDR sessions to tackle my issues. Now thanks to Stella my approach towards life has improved for the better. It is more positive. These changes have also helped my marriage. I would definitely recommend Stella to anyone who is in need for help.

anita, 110 months ago
Stella is an excellent counsellor with amazing listening skills. Patience is another virtue, which makes her excell as a counsellor. She has a lot of experience in handling clients and has worked with several organisations in the same capacity. I would strongly recommend her if anyone is in need of counselling. Prev123Next

Mary Hui, 113 months ago
Though I only met with Stella a couple of sessions, she helped me process a very difficult work experience from a couple of years ago. I did not realize how much that negative experience had deeply impacted my perceptions of my abilities. I think Stella is a wonderful and attentive counsellor, with a gentle and welcoming spirit. I felt comfortable with her presence immediately. Her approach embodied a good blend of empathy and professionalism. She asked appropriate questions and patiently guided me through difficult memories. I ended my sessions with her feeling hopeful and strong. I would recommend her services to any one of my friends and family.

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